Monday, November 1, 2010

With the iPad and New MacBook Air, is Apple Confused? Cause I Am.

Honestly I am surprised no one has really talked about this yet.  When Apple first announced the iPad, they made the argument that the user needs three product categories, a phone, a laptop, and something in the middle.  That something they said was the iPad.  Bigger screen and more horsepower than the iPhone, made especially to consume content.

The MacBook is meant to be used to create content since they have desktop like processors, dedicated graphics cards, and full size keyboards with multi-touch track pads.  But the new MacBook Airs have all  of those things too, or at least some version of them.  They also have many of the same features of an iPad like a long battery life/standby time, instant on from suspend state, and portability.  So where do the new MacBook Airs fit?

I don't think Apple is trying to create a new fourth category of device, but it doesn't really fit in the iPad or MacBook category.   Most people would just say that it fits in the netbook category, and I kind of agree with them, but Apple has said many times they don't see the point of netbooks.  So who is Apple trying to target?  Is this just what they think a laptop should really be? I think the answer to that question is yes.

The MacBook Air is just a temporary placeholder for what all MacBooks will be once the chipsets and batteries get small enough.  For the time being I think they are just targeting the netbook crowd; Steve Jobs just never wants to go back on previous statements that he has made.  So the real question is, do you see a need for the MacBook today?  Or will you just rather have a full featured laptop and an iPad?


  1. I'm actually pretty confused on this issue, as I am debating an iPad but was wondering if I should just get a Macbook air?

  2. I think it breaks down to something as simple as portability versus power. If you are more interested in portability, the iPad makes the most sense. If power is what you are after then a MacBook would be better.

    The tricky thing about the MacBook Airs is that they aren't as portable as the iPad or as powerful as the standard MacBooks. They are kind of in the middle of the two. You could also just decide if you prefer iOS or OS X. That could help make the decision.