Friday, November 5, 2010

This Helped Me Buy a Good Mattress

Not my actual room or mattress

So I know this is a bit off topic and doesn't really fall into the category of technology, but I think it was helpful and I want to pass it on.

My wife and I just got our mattress delivered today, and we are pretty happy with our selection.  If you have ever bought a mattress you should already know this, but companies make it as complicated as possible to compare mattress brands.  They basically have a different mattress name for each store they supply to, so there is not an easy way to compare.  Oh, and they do this on purpose, those bastards.

Thankfully one of the blogs I read, Get Rich Slowly, has a great post on buying a mattress.  Some of you might have read this info before, but this is the most consolidated info source I could find.  The writer walks through brands, terminology, what to look for in a mattress, stores, and other things.  It was very helpful to us and hopefully it will help you guys.  Check the link below.

How to Buy a Mattress

P.S. - Get Rich Slowly is a great personal finance blog.  I read it frequently and it has helped me out a lot over the years.  J.D. Roth runs a great blog over there.


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  2. Yep. I think The Simple Dollar is a pretty good one too. Those are my usual ones I read daily.