Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh My! What Happened to the Comments?

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UPDATE:  Old comments have been imported successfully.

You might have noticed that all the comments on this site have been wiped.  First let me apologize for doing so.  Your comments are important to me and they were not wiped because they weren't important.  They were wiped because I needed to upgrade the commenting system on this blog.

While Blogger is a great and free platform to setup a blog, it does have some aspects that need a lot of work.  One of those aspects is the default commenting system.  Basically that system sucks.

My biggest and your biggest gripe has been that the system had no way to reply to other people's comments.  It was starting to become very frustrating for users who wanted to start a threaded conversation about a post.  It was also very difficult for me to reply to folks in a way that was understandable to all.

For those reasons I decided to upgrade the commenting system to the Disqus platform.  Disqus has all the features you have been asking for.  Users are now able to reply to other's comments and they are also able to like or dislike other comments.  In addition to those features you can also login and comment from a variety of services including Twitter, Yahoo, and OpenID.

This new platform will make it easier for your voice to be heard on TBone's Mind and also easier for all of you and myself to interact with one another.  Let me know what you think of the new system in the comments below.

PS - I am working on importing the old comments.

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